About Us


If Media have a very simple but impactful proposition.

I help SME agency leaders drive growth and achieve efficiency with strategic business planning, innovation and operational direction at the moments when they need support the most.

Our Guiding Beliefs

I have four beliefs that underpin our work to make sure you get the solutions and support you need.

Planning is the root of all success 

Empowerment is the fastest route to collective goals

A positive and encouraging culture delivers results

Accountability is the key to successful delivery 

Why Work With Us?

The life of an agency leader can be lonely - sometimes you're going to benefit from external support from someone with the empathy, experience and the knowledge to help you define the path to your ambitions and to support you and your team on your quest to achieve success. 

By choosing If Media you get the guidance, solutions and support you need, exactly when and how you need them.