How does If Media work?

I start by listening

Understanding your ambition

Distilling your challenges

I then define ambition and create transparency

Define success

Hone your proposition

Plot a roadmap

I then support your quest for success

Offering direction and guiding decision making

Creating and supporting change management plans 

Mentoring senior teams

and most importantly driving accountability and results

If Media manages many of our projects internally but also tap into an expansive network of specialists, experts and professional services providers to ensure that you have the resources best suited to your challenges.

My clients are based across London, in Manchester and in Leeds and have varied specialisms and functionality from digital to experiential to branding and design via sports and entertainment, but all share a driven ambition and a quest for sustainable success, innovation and cultural relevance.

When will you need us?

When can you use If Media most effectively?


Our consultancy services provide most value at what we have called "Crossroads Moments". Moments of change that require confident and challenging thinking to drive success.

Positive Crossroads Moments

Structure and process development in response to rapid or general growth

Development of proposition and functionality to meet client and market demands

Expansion of leadership team

Business development and client acquisition drive

International expansion ambition

A client win requiring rapid structural change

Challenging Crossroads Moments

Reassessment following departure of a key employee

Business drift requiring re-energination and accountability

Loss of a cornerstone client

Perception that proposition is outdated

Delivery standards are suffering due to disjointed and under-developed process and accountability

Staff churn and recruitment challenges